No Large Upfront Retainer - Affordable Payment Arrangements - Flat Rate Fees

Navigating You Through the Legal MazeNavigating You Through the Legal MazeNavigating You Through the Legal MazeNavigating You Through the Legal Maze

Why Choose Fairfield County Law Group, LLP?

Value Based

Our value proposition is simple; provide legal services based on the value we add to your case, not the tasks performed. Most law firms in Connecticut take a tactical one size fits all approach. At Fairfield County Law Group, LLP, we know each client deserves an individualized approach. In collaboration with you, we determine how best to resolve your case, protect your rights and achieve your goals. 

Client Centered

As a client you will receive many benefits  including: 

  • Weekly case status email 
  • Educational events 
  • Client appreciation events 
  • Scheduled return phone calls 
  • Private client online  portal  

Choice Billing

What is our hourly billable rate?

We don’t have one! Our legal fees are flat rate. You will never be charged for every phone call, email, conference or court appearance. From the outset you know exactly how much your legal fees are. We do not require a large upfront retainer. We allow you to make budget-friendly payments. 

Practice Areas

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure


Being in financial crisis is terrifying and  overwhelming; afraid of losing your home and everything you have worked so hard to attain. You need to act quickly to stop a foreclosure or file for bankruptcy to resolve debt and restart your life. * Payment Plans Do Not Apply To Bankruptcy



 Divorce can be tough. We understand all too well the stress and anxiety that comes with starting over. We have the experience and knowledge to resolve the issues of your divorce so that you can begin the next chapter of your life stress-free, financially stable and legally protected.  

Elder Law and Planning


  Feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared to help your aging and ill loved ones?  We understand.  We have the personal experience and professional expertise to ensure that your loved one receives the best possible care and service while keeping their dignity intact.



 Our experienced team represents clients from recruitment to separation. This includes negotiating executive, severance & separation agreements, disability, gender, age & racial discrimination, sexual harassment, FMLA violations, wrongful termination. We work to get you the results you deserve. Reine Boyer,  Ellen Morgan 



 Whether you are launching your own independent label, signing contracts with a major recording company, landing a book deal, publishing your own material, or signing a contract in the television/movie and modeling industries, The Attorneys at Fairfield County Law Group know the ins and outs of negotiating the best deal for your entertainment legal needs.

Life & Legacy Planning


 You have spent decades building, its now time to protect what you have built and leave a lasting legacy.  Our practice focuses on you to develop a tailor-made plan that fits.