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Whether you are launching your own independent label, signing contracts with a major recording company, landing a book deal, publishing your own material, or signing a contract in the television/movie or modeling industries, our legal team knows the ins and outs of negotiating the best deal for your entertainment legal needs.

What Clients are Saying: Attorney Boyer is my "Go-To" Negotiator...

"I signed with Major Model Management last year and Attorney Boyer helped make that happen! She helped negotiate the contract and she was very attentive/responsive and fierce in her representation of my interests. She negotiated favorable terms every step of the way and got me a good deal. I am more than satisfied with her representation, and would recommend her to anyone who is breaking into the modeling industry or who is already established and wants to move higher in their career. I am working now with major companies such as Target and Vineyard Vines and have shot many ads in established magazines. The runway and the small/big screen are next. The sky is the limit for me and with Attorney Boyer on my side, I know I will continue to be successful!" Andrew 2018 

Attorney Boyer reviewed and helped negotiate a Talent agency contract for my daughter. She was effective in the negotiations and provided us with sound advice. She was truly looking out for our interest and I am grateful for her help. Michelle 2019

Entertainment Law FAQs

Q:   I am a starving artist and I really don't have much money. I am trying to get a record deal, but sometimes to pay the bills, I have gigs with a number of local bands.  Sometimes I get stiffed and they don't pay me. How can I make sure these bands pay me when I sign contracts with them. 

A.  I am sure you are a very talented person and hopefully with some due diligence in seeking good legal representation and hard work in perfecting your craft, you won't be starving for long!  Our legal team wants to make sure that you have the best legal representation. We also make sure our fees are transparent and that you know every step of the way what you are paying. In addition, we make sure that we include an arbitration clause through the American Arbitration Association in every agreement to avoid litigation and reduce your legal fees. 

Q: Why would I need an entertainment lawyer, I have Google?. 

A:  While Google can provide good information, Google cannot provide you with good representation and the human factor that is needed in the entertainment industry.  Seek to hire a good entertainment lawyer if you want to draft, negotiate artist development and production contracts (writer agreements, talent agreements and recording agreements). Your lawyer will be able to prepare form agreements for you such as licensing agreements, location and appearance releases. An entertainment lawyer can also review contracts and other agreements to advise you accordingly about your rights and other issues. Your lawyer will be able to negotiate distribution deals for an entertainment project and help you secure sponsorship's, grants, and co-production investment.