No Large Upfront Retainer - Affordable Payment Arrangements - Flat Rate Fees

No Large Upfront Retainer, Payment Plans , Flat Rate Fees


Value Based Legal Fees

We believe that the value of the service we provide should outweigh the fee charged. We don't charge by the task. Our legal fees are based on the value we provide in resolving your legal issues.    


What is our hourly billable rate?

We don’t have one! Our legal fees are flat rate. You will never be charged for every phone call, email, conference or court appearance. From the outset you know exactly how much your legal fees are.   


No large Upfront Retainer - Payment Plans

We know that no one plans to have a legal issue. We fully understand that for many clients, coming up with a large retainer is difficult, if not impossible. We do not require a large upfront retainer. We allow you to make budget-friendly affordable monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payments. You are under enough stress, paying legal fees should not be stressful. 

Yes, We Are Very Different

We know that low deposits, fee transparency and budget-friendly payment plans are unheard of at most law firms. At Fairfield County Law Group, LLP, it is a key core value and standard operating procedure.