5 Secrets For Getting The Most Out of Your Consultation


Your initial consultation with an attorney can be daunting. Here are 5 keys to help guide you to getting the most out of your consultation:

Pre-game The Logistics

• Confirm the location, day, and time of your consultation. Realizing that you may be somewhat nervous, if you are not fully comfortable with directions to the office, do a drive-by. This will go a long way in helping to ease your anxiety. 

• Make a list of all your questions and concerns - it is easy to forget when under stress.

• Summarize the facts of your case - you need to be sure you give all pertinent information so a full evaluation is possible. 

Thoroughly Research The Attorney

  • Read online reviews - Online reviews are very telling if an attorney has not received positive reviews from clients, that may be a red flag of poor representation. 

  • Check out client and peer reviews - Client reviews and strong peer reviews indicate the attorney's competency in the area of practice.

Research Your Rights

Having some knowledge about your legal rights will help you to know what questions you need to ask.

Set And Prioritize Your Goals

Before your consultation, determine what you want out of the consultation:   

  •  Compare attorneys (We recommend consulting with at least 2)
  •  Understand your rights, knowing if you have a case, or getting legal fee costs. Remember your consultation is only 30 minutes, use your time wisely.

Request Information

Undoubtedly you will feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you will receive. At your request, our firm will prepare and email you information so you can refer back to it at your leisure.